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Learn about our studio and facilities

At VAGARI productions, we know the value of a great creative space. We have a fully equipped studio based in Gurugram and offer the highest production value in an executive setting. Our purpose-built studio affords us an uncommon degree of control and flexibility, being split into variety of spaces. Whether your project calls for close-up tabletop shots, a living environment or any other kind of set up, our infinity wall and studio adapt to any vision, big or small. The blank canvas of the infinity wall is surrounded with an inventory of tools in the dedicated set construction area with tool tables, work benches and props. 

All camera, lighting & sound equipment are placed in the custom-built gear area, which help execute even the most demanding projects with grace and efficiency. 

Our client lounge is a space designed for you and your team to settle in, review playback and oversee the creative process in comfort. We also accommodate a dedicated make-up area and changing room which lets us make out shooting process quicker with comfort and safety of our clients and models.

Our in-house editing suite with the latest softwares is geared towards real time experimentation which lets us review our work immediately for any inputs by our creative team or the clients.

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